No but

Can we all sit down and think for a minute about this scene??


The minute Cas said he wasn’t strong enough to do anything, and that it would take to much time to get rid of all the sigils,

Dean started throwing his body against the fucking door. 

Excuse me but how is that not love?

Can you even imagine how badly that must hurt? How many bruises he’s going to have after that? Have you ever accidentally run into a door because you weren’t paying attention? It can hurt pretty bad. Imagining ramming yourself into it at full speed and strength. Now imagine if it was metal. And Dean didn’t even fucking blink. Look at Sam’s reaction. He flinches. Sam fucking badass winchester flinches, that’s how hard Dean hit that door. And he just keep going. And the more afraid Cas get’s the more frantic Dean get’s. Of course he snaps at him. He’s frustrated and tense and afraid. Why? Because Cas is afraid. Think about it. Dean probably think’s that it’s Samadriel’s screaming that’s making Cas so afraid. And in that moment all he can think about is getting that damn door open and getting Cas his brother back so that Cas doesn’t have to feel the way Dean does when Sam’s in danger. Because he’s been there. And he’ll be damned if the person he loves has to go through what he has so many times before. This season has been so about Dean protecting Cas, Dean helping Cas, the parallels between them, and I just, I can’t with these two.  

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